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About Us

Friendly and Professional Dog Grooming in Southampton

If you are looking for friendly, efficient and professional dog groomers in the Southampton area, then look no further than Cute Canines Dog & Cat Beautician.

Based in Pear Tree, Samantha (Sam) has over 20 years experience and is both fully insured and fully trained, having achieved a diploma in dog grooming services. Her regular customers will hold testimony to the attention and excellent service she provides.

Whatever your dog’s requirements, whether it will be:

  • Cut & Blow Dry
  • Bath & Blow Dry
  • Hand Stripping
  • Nail Clipping
  • Dematting
  • Cleaning of ears
  • Cleaning of anal glands

Then you can be assured they will receive expert and caring one-to-one attention in her fully equipped, clean and safe dog grooming parlour.

sizes and breeds of dogs are catered for, including puppies, where a ‘socialisation groom’ is offered to help introduce your puppy to dog grooming without fear.

With only special skin sensitive shampoos used, all dogs are trimmed to exact customer requirements.

Dogs will be seen only by appointment. Multiple bookings are only accepted from those of the same family, dogs are never mixed with strangers.

Please call now to discuss your requirements and to make an appointment.

Cute Canines Dog & Cat Beautician
  • Services Include:
    • Cute caninies dog beautician price list:

      One to one attention is guaranteed so please ring for more information or to make your pets pampering appointment

    • Cut & Blow Dry:

      Small Dogs - From £20 (eg: Yorkshire Terrier, Westie, Minature Poodle) Medium Dogs From - £25 (eg: Springer Spaniel, Medium Poodle, Airedale) Large Dogs/Thick Coat From - £35 (eg:Old English Sheep Dog, Setter, Standard Poodle) (Price does not include dematting)

    • Bath & Blow Dry:

      Small dogs - from £15 Medium dogs - from £15 Large dogs/Thick coat - from £25 (Price does not include dematting)

    • Hand Stripping From £27:

      (price includes bath & blow dry)

    • Extras:

      Nails - from £5 Dematting also available - price on request

    • Please note:

      Prices include blasting the fur, which is harmless & just removes loose or dead hair. (Price does not include dematting)

    Please note:

    All prices depend on the length of coat and density of hair.

    Peace of mind:

    All dogs are treated with the utmost care and attention.

    Please see our coupon of the week:

    Free nail clipping with every grooming service.

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    Cute Canines Dog & Cat Beautician

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    • I've only managed a few photo's so far this week, my salon is not totally completed yet, still have little bits and pieces to do, but once they are done I will put the photos up. 🐕🐈🌞 Facebook.com19th Apr, 2018

    • Nearly there! 😁 Facebook.com16th Apr, 2018

    • I have a little wet room, will stop the water and hair going everywhere. Roll on tomorrow painting 😁👩‍🎨 Facebook.com14th Apr, 2018

    • Finished tonight with a bit of sparkle! 😍 Facebook.com13th Apr, 2018

    • Refit 2018, so it begins 😁🐕🐈 Facebook.com13th Apr, 2018

    • Well that's me finished for the week, tomorrow we start ripping my salon apart and starting the decorating and refit. I will make sure I take photos step by step, so excited. I have worked out that I have been working from this workshop for 10yrs, how time flies when your having fun. 😁🐕🐈 Facebook.com12th Apr, 2018

    • Only a few photo's of the Dogs and Cat I've groomed over the last two days, looking forward to this weekend, as we're totally revamping my Salon. 🐕🐶🐈🐱 Facebook.com10th Apr, 2018

    • Lovely way to finish my week, have a lovely weekend everyone 😊🐕 Facebook.com6th Apr, 2018

    • Back into the swing of things after a lovely Easter break. Great variety on size of dogs in the last couple of days, from little to large 😁🐕 Facebook.com5th Apr, 2018

    • Went to a lovely pub in Bristol today were the dogs had there own beer pumps. How cool is this! 🐕 Facebook.com2nd Apr, 2018

    • Well that's me finished for the Easter Holidays, have a lovely Easter everyone. 🥚🐇🐰 Facebook.com29th Mar, 2018

    • Please be mindful of the below and maybe keep your cats in at night at the moment 😥 Facebook.com28th Mar, 2018

    • Only managed to take a photo of two of the Bichon's in today, the other two didn't want to look at the camera lol. As Charlie the King Charles loves a photo. ❤️🐕 Facebook.com28th Mar, 2018

    • Another lovely day today. All happy dogs 😁🐕 Facebook.com27th Mar, 2018

    • Remembered the Easter background after my first dog. I'm going to have to search for the bunny ears 😁🐕🙈🐇🥚 Facebook.com26th Mar, 2018

    • Working a short week this week, so finished my week of with the Fabulous Four. ❤️ Facebook.com22nd Mar, 2018

    • I'm lucky to have some very Hansom and beautiful dogs and cats too groom, here are a few from the last two days. 😍🐕🐈 Facebook.com21st Mar, 2018

    • A very cold day today, luckily my salon is lovely and warm and the dogs really love their heated towels. Lovely Chester is 15yrs and still loves his pamper sessions. ❤️ Facebook.com19th Mar, 2018

    • What a lovely dog. Facebook.com17th Mar, 2018

    • I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and pray for no snow 😍🐕 Facebook.com16th Mar, 2018

    • Just a few photo's of the Dogs I've groomed so far this week. Includes a rather large 6 month old puppy called Merlin. ❤️🐕 Facebook.com15th Mar, 2018

    • Facebook.com9th Mar, 2018

    • Another great way to finish my week, love grooming Lilly in her fluffy poodle look and then handstripping a gorgeous Irish Terrier. I did finish my day with a lovely Persian Cat but didn't get a photo, which is a shame as she was gorgeous ❤️🐕🐈 Facebook.com9th Mar, 2018

    • Little mixture today, dogs all in for full grooms and the cats come in regularly for their nails cut and ears cleaned. 😍🐶🐱 Facebook.com8th Mar, 2018

    • Great couple of days grooming all these dogs, including a Westie puppy and and gorgeous Cat, who was a little darling to groom. 😍🐈🐕 Facebook.com7th Mar, 2018

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