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About Us

Expert Shipping Agents in Northern Ireland - Making Commercial Travel Easy!!!

Derry Bros Shipping is one of the leading shipping agents on the island of Ireland.

Making Sea Travel Arrangements Effortless

MAKE RESERVATIONS ON +44(0)28 8778 4949

At Derry Bros Shipping we offer you a vastly knowledgeable team in sea transport and have been a dedicated shipping agent covering Northern Ireland, UK & Europe, for more than 10 years.

Based just outside Armagh in Loughgall, as an experienced shipping agency we have supported the haulage industry for several years and now extend our services to meet the needs of the business and leisure communities who are crossing the Irish Sea, English Channel and North Sea.

If you want to book a space on a boat, are driving a commercial vehicle, that’s anything bigger than a car, then Derry Bros Shipping are on hand to help.

We work with all major UK Shipping & Ferry companies and can get to you to any UK, Ireland, Northern France and North Sea Port. We have strong links with many international shipping companies and can provide you with the best service on the market.

Supporting business and Leisure across Ireland, UK and mainland Europe to export and import their goods

We Ship for

  • Haulage
  • Construction
  • Business
  • Leisure

We are professional shipping agents in Armagh. For all your ferry requirements - Group Bookings, Haulage or just an Individual Business Van give us a call to see how easy arranging your commercial travel can be.

Derry Bros Shipping
  • services include:
    • We Ship for Construction:

      Derry Bros Shipping provide an expert construction shipping service. From shipping construction vehicles and equipment to booking your work van and crew on a boat to and from Northern Ireland, we do it all.

    • We Ship for Haulage and Livestock:

      We provide expert advice and assistance when it comes to freight shipping for haulage companies and livestock, including shipping of ambient or frozen goods, hazardous products and horse transport. We are also experienced in the shipping of all types of livestock, including cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry.

    • We Ship for Heavy Haulage:

      We provide expert knowledge and assistance when shipping heavy haulage and heavy machinery.

    • We Ship for Business:

      We provide expert assistance when it comes to shipping good for your business. From shipping goods to trade shows and horse shows or delivering samples to a potential client, we can help.

    • We Ship for Leisure:

      We specialise in shipping all types of equipment for leisure activities, including shipping bikes, shipping angling equipment, shipping shooting equipment or shipping your golf clubs. We also provide assistance for shipping classic cars, rally cars, motor bikes or go karts you want to ship. We can book your van and trailer on the most suitable crossing option to get you and your equipment to your destination safely.

    Experienced Shipping Agents in Armagh:

    We are experienced shipping agents in Armagh and have been dealing with ferry companies in Northern Ireland and our customers commercial travel needs, to and from Northern Ireland for over 10 years.


    We have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to sea transport to and from Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe. We deal with shipping routes to UK, shipping routes to Europe and shipping routes to Ireland on a daily basis. So if you are shipping to and from Europe, we provide the support to make the right booking for your business.

    Making Sea Travel Arrangements Easy:

    At Derry Bro Shipping we aim to make our customers sea travel arrangements easy. From start to finish we deal with your business and leisure shipping needs.

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    Derry Bros Shipping

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