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About Us

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Positive Steps Hypnotherapy:
Many people's problems who have often suffered in silence with self-esteem issues, stress, phobias, self-belief & focus; Positive Steps is the answer. Julie Pluck can address what appears to be an almost endless list of concerns which may assist in you taking back control of your own life & restoring balance for your own wellbeing. Let Julie help to maximise your life & enjoyment whilst minimising your stress. Julie is situated in the Crossgates area of Leeds giving great access from the surrounding areas of Moortown, Headingly, Chapel Allerton, Colton & Garforth.

Her Own Story- (Been There, Done it & Now wears a smaller T-Shirt!):
With Julie's story, seeing is believing.  A number of years ago, Julie reached the end of her tether with her weight loss efforts, having tried all the so called tangible alternatives, Fat Clubs & Fad Diets, Julie entered a hypnotherapy programme after feeling she had no other alternative, although in her own words still a 'work in progress', the results are her own success story.

Having lost almost 5 stone within 9 months by eating sensibly & to her new perceived limits, Julie can stop herself from indulging because she feels satisfied and full, this has the same virtual effect as a Gastric Band without the significant cost or surgical and recovery implications.

Issues Regularly Assisted & Typical Treatments include:

  • Management of Weight:
    Healthy Eating / Weight Loss & Reduction / Gastric Band
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem:
    Self Worth / Learning to love oneself / Self Belief
  • Bereavement Management, Stress & Anxiety:
    Depression / Irritability / Panic Attacks / Worry
  • Fears & Phobias of:
    Dentists / Spiders / Claustrophobia / Agrophobia / Vertigo / Flying
  • Sports Performance & Relaxation:
    Motivation to Exercise / Relax & Unwind / Sleep Well / Focus
  • Posture & Bad Habits:
    Poor Concentration / Nail Biting / Blushing / Stuttering / Smoking
  • Pain Issues:
    Will Power / Panic Attacks / Head Aches / Nerves / Wellbeing
  • Motivation & Confidence:
    Public Speaking / Presentations / Willpower
  • Complementary Therapy to:
    Chiropractic therapy / Oesteopathy / Physiotherapy

Qualifications & Experience in Hypnotherpy:
As a qualified Therapeutic Hypnotherapist, Julie Pluck has a Diploma in Therapeutic Hypnotherapy (Dist) and a Member of the National Hypnotherapy Society, whilst also being a Gastric Band Weight Reduction Practitioner. Additionally, Julie is fully EFT trained (Emotional Freedom Techiques Level 2) recently achieved.

Contact & Bookings:
Appointments can be made via the Crossgates Chiropractic Clinic, however if you require any specific Therapist Consultation this can be made direct to Julie's mobile - 07762 339081.

Positive Steps Hypnotherapy
  • Services Include:

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    Positive Steps Hypnotherapy

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