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About Us

Middle East Marketing Consultant

We are a Middle East regional leader in the field of marketing consultancy, giving military and telecommunications manufacturers information supremacy in international market places’.

 We are our clients’ trusted provider-of-choice in researching, developing and penetrating regional markets. In pursuit of our mission and in support of our values

 We are committed industry professionals with in-depth knowledge gained from years of involvement in all aspects of Defence, Aerospace and Simulation in the Middle East Region.


  • Link 11/16/22 coalition interoperability
  • Secure communications interoperability
  • Netcentric Requirements
  • Sovereign Requirements


  • Ground & Airborne
  • Covert

Secure Communications

  • Commsec & Transec
  • Air to Ground
  • BLOS requirements
  • Land Warrior


  • Data Link Operations & Management
  • Communications Networks
  • Lead in Fighter trainers
  • Fixed & Rotary Wing


  • Established regional network of associates
  • Established end user community contacts
  • Established High Level Political Contacts

  • Services Include:

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