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About Us

Wedding Piper / Bagpipes Tuition in North Lanarkshire

G1 Pipers in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire is a professional family run business whose expertise in bagpipes and piping tuition is renowned throughout Lanarkshire, Glasgow and Central Scotland. We are experienced at the highest level of pipe band competitions and are available by appointment for any event.

G1 Pipers of North Lanakrshire are grade one pipers and have achieved the pinnacle of piping and are delighted to share and demonstrate our skills for you.

Over the years we have established that many people would love to pursue their dream of learning to play the bagpipes – we are here to help you achieve your goal.

We bring a touch of national heritage to any occasion, corporate event or wedding and can expand on your theme with our repertoire of musical arrangements.

Are you in need of professional bagpipers to oversee tuition or entertainment for a special occasion? G1 Pipers of Airdrie are available to clients throughout Lanarkshire, Glasgow and Central Scotland.

G1 Pipers
  • Piping Tuition / Wedding Piper in North Lanarkshire:
    • Wedding Pipers in North Lanarkshire:

      We bring something that binds together the events of the day. For weddings we offer a full repertoire of popular songs played at key moments in the day.

    • Funeral Pipers in North Lanarkshire:

      With a sensitive approach, we can add a special element of traditional music at a funeral. We can help to bring comfort to those in mourning or play a special piece that holds significant value.

    • Corporate Event Piping:

      At corporate events we can act as a herald or as a welcome at the door.

    • Piping tuition in North Lanarkshire:

      Over the years it has been our experience that many people admire the great music produced by the bagpipe and often regret not having taken the instrument up.

    • Ceilidh Band Provision:

      Looking for that amazing ceilidh band to rock your Scottish wedding? G1 Pipers can help.

    Why Choose Us?:

    Whether you need special entertainment at your event or want to give the bagpipes a try, get in touch today to see how G1 Pipers can help you.

    Family Run Business:

    John Nevans and his son Daniel bring a touch of national heritage to any event, corporate or wedding. We can lead the programme at corporate events and give a theme to your wedding or private function.

    Perfect Piping:

    Welcoming the guests, photo opportunities, announcing arrivals, leading the procession and a lot of entertainment at dinners.

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    G1 Pipers

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