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local goodness captured in every drop

Morgans Milk is a family owned independent Dairy ; a sister Company of Morgan Fuels

The dairy continues to run from the original premises on Dublin Road, Armagh and is one of the flourishing  independent dairies remaining in Ireland

The philosophy of the company is to provide a high quality service of delivery with high quality produce at competitive prices in an efficient and friendly manner. We cater for the deliveries around 8 counties to larger wholesale clients throughout Armagh and Down ranging from restaurants, coffee bars, caterers and offices.

We believe the convenience of High Quality, locally sourced Fresh Milk, Dairy Goods and Grocery Products delivered direct to your doorstep is an unbeatable combination.

Morgan Milk the sponsor of Minor and Senior Championships, the Premier Reserve and Senior Reserve and the Senior Hurling Championship this season has announced an innovative new way to promote underage development through sales of Morgan Milk.

Starting this month, 10% per cent of milk sold through retailers across County down will be donated to the Down GAA Schools Coaching Programme.

Morgan Milk has long been associated with Down since 1994, backing two all Ireland minor winning teams and the Morgan name is synonymous with the Armagh Seniors for over ten years. This latest retail initiative represents a further step in supporting GAA at grass roots level.

Milk remains a staple ingredient of the Northern Irish and Irish diet. Whether as a drink, or as a cooking ingredient, milk contains vitamins and minerals which are important for our well being.

Morgan Milk process and deliver fresh conventional, organic milk to most major supermarkets and shops distributed from our milk packing dairies.

We supply our milk in our own branded bottles underlining the brand's provenance and freshness.

There are many different varieties of milk available for consumption within the local market. Morgan milk offers its consumers different types to suit their needs and tastes.

The different milks tend to vary according to the way they are produced, and their fat content. The fat content of milk varies depending on the product


  • whole milk has a fat content of about 4% fat,
  • whole standardised milk, has a minimum fat content of 3.5% fat,
  • semi skimmed milk contains 1.7% fat
  • skimmed milk contains about 0.1% fat,

 Treat yourself well by eating and drinking right as well as being physically active and your body will thank you for it.

Sports people know diet is key to their performance because it provides them with the fuel and nutrients they need to help their bodies perform well and to help them stay healthy and milk should play a key role!

We all know that milk is good for us. One 200ml glass of milk is bursting full of vitamins and minerals.

Morgan milk offer-

Whole milk
Natural whole milk is that with nothing added or removed.
Whole homogenised milk is identical in fat and nutrient content to whole standardised milk however it has undergone a specific process known as homogenisation which breaks up the fat globules in the milk. This spreads the fat evenly throughout the milk and prevents a creamy layer forming on the top.Most of the milk we consume is pasteurised. Milk is heated with the purpose of killing potentially harmful micro-organisms such as certain pathogenic bacteria, yeasts and moulds which may be present in the milk after initial collection. This helps to protect against any food borne illness that can occur through consumption of raw milk.The milk is rapidly cooled and is then stored in a refrigerator in order to preserve its shelf life.

Semi skimmed milk
Semi skimmed milk is the most popular type of milk in the UK with a fat content of 1.7%, compared to a minimum of 3.5% in whole standardised milK. Many people are opting for Semi skimmed milk for lower fat consumption.

Skimmed milk
Skimmed milk has a fat content of between 0-0.5% and an average fat content of 0.1%. Skimmed milk therefore has nearly all the fat removed. It contains slightly more calcium than whole milk and lower levels of fat soluble vitamins, particularly vitamin A, as this is lost when the fat is removed. The lower level of fat in skimmed milk reduces its calorie content. For this reason it is not recommended for children under the age of 5 years as they need the extra energy for growth. However it is ideal for adults who wish to limit their fat or calorie intake.
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