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Fuel Distributor, Oil Companies in Armagh

Fueling The Way Since 1981

Morgan Fuels offers Home heating which  is winter grade standard year round and all fuels are delivered as promised in quantity & quality.

Morgan fuels Technology Expertise Quality

Here at morgan fuels we pride ourselves on our excellent product knowledge, highly trained staff and quality systems this all reflected in our achievement of the ISO 9002 quality mark.

Morgan Fuels continually strive to improve customer service through technological enhancements and innovations. We have many dedicated customer support teams to help you.

Morgan fuels can help you Manage Your Account as well as monitor your fuel spenditure at any time with secure online access to your account, along with management drawings reports to help you identify potential savings.

 You Can do all this online-

  • View transactions
  • Reprint invoices
  • Order or reorder cards
  • Stop your cards at any time

Our Competitive Fuel Prices are second to none!

Our team of dedicated fuel analysts continually searches the market to obtain the best possible prices, to pass on to you, the customer.

One of the main factors to consider when purchasing fuel is the fuel price. This volatility is due to variations between supply and demand. Although demand peaks and troughs tend to be reasonably smooth, supply peaks and troughs tend to be more dramatic, as oil producers vary their output.

We are different as Our fuel purchasers attempt to time their purchases effectively, so that they buy at the lowest price possible and retain strategic stocks when they believe prices are likely to rise. This is all to help you heat your home for as little as possible.

Morgan Fuel also uses its significant buying power to achieve the best market value on commercial fuel deliveries of larger sizes, with no limit to product quantity.

Our customers enjoy the benefits of our large network of suppliers who compete for Morgan Fuel orders.

We promise to send you updates on Prices once a week, taking advantage of any  type of market change or condition.


Morgan fuels gives you the chance to manage your own Account

We all can be affected by the Credit Crunch, if for some reason, we were not able to obtain a credit facility for you, then a Managed account might suit you. we want to give you what is best for you.

This allows any business no matter what size, to pay in an agreed amount of money at a price on that day, we will  then convert this money into litres.

Morgan Fuels will manage everything from invoicing, drawing reports to alert emails, and notifications regarding when you next need to top up on fuel. This allows you to have your own bunker of fuel with us, which you can draw anywhere on our network.

Morgan Fuels strives to offer all customers a simple, effective way to control their fuel cost, and help keep paperwork to a minimum. Morgan Fuel offers a leading fuel management service.

Since 1981 Morgan Fuels have been delivering fuels and lubricants to both the commercial and domestic sector. We are focused on providing a responsive and caring service to all our customers.

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224 Dublin Road

BT35 8DD

Tel: 028 30848365


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8:00 - 19:00

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Tel: 028 30848365

Morgan Fuels

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