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About Us

Bringing out Your Competitive Edge

Setanta Fitness was created to meet the training demands of individual athletes and teams that want to gain a competitive edge over their opponents through speed, power, agility, strength and stamina training.
Our programmes are targeted towards college, county and professional athletes, and adults serious about fitness looking to take their game to the next level.

Using the latest training devices and innovative techniques to help athletes reach their athletic potential through a series of exercises that enhance physical performance and sport specific training programmes.
Setanta Fitness has three modes of service delivery with their certified coaches, this can be on the pitch or court, in the fitness studio for local athletes and teams or online one to one communication.

That tenth of a second, ¼ of an inch or the incentive to make that burst of energy can make the difference between finishing first, winning the game or making the squad. Setanta Fitness can give you that competitive edge to bring your game to the next level.


is aimed at men and women seeking strength & conditioning, functional training, from experienced accredited coaches in a built-to-task facility, striving to achieve their personal goals.

Why Train at Setanta Fitness?
Using the latest training devices and innovative techniques Setanta Fitness helps athletes reach their athletic potential through a series of exercises that enhance physical performance and sport specific training programmes.

Whats classes are available?

  • Zumba, Circuits, Boxercise, Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing, 20/20, Setanta Warrior workout
  • Hypoxic Training System
  • Allergy Testing with Nutritionist
  • Physiotherapy Advice and Massage Therapy
  • Setanta Personal Trainers
  • Special Personal Packages
  • New State of Art Speed Track (40m x 7m)
  • V8 Vertimax (Only one in Ireland)
  • Fully catered Strength and Conditioning area (12m x 8m) with 4 Olympic Platforms, power cages, Olympic benches and much more

The Performance package identifies areas of your strength and conditioning that require development and provide appropriate training programmes to take you to your highest level. Included in this package are the following services:

• Full Medical Screening
• Detailed Rehab and PreHab Routines
• Video analysis of Movement Patterns and Lifting technique.
• One to One training with your own strength and Conditioning coach.
• Fitness and Performance Testing
• Regular retesting to determine targets and goals reassessed accordingly

Specialised Packages

It is absolutely essential that any aspiring and talented youth sports performer has the correct start to their sporting life, here at Setanta Fitness Performance Centre we have many years experience of giving the young performer the best start in sport. Starting with movement pattern development through to power development, the young performer is brought on in a structured and sensible way, always ensuring that they treated as young people and not mini adults and as such require a different approach to Strength & Conditioning training. Each person is developed at a rate that is correct for them. The initial focus is on stability and injury prevention, moving onto learning the weight training movements and how to train, using percentages of their bodyweight when deciding the loading, always ensuring that they are learning how to move and not how much they can move.

If an athlete has their own, coach and does not have suitable facilities in which to train then the facility will be made available for the pair to use.
• Detailed pre-hab / re-hab
• Compile training programme
• Sports Psychology review / goal setting
• Aims and objectives of the client
• Full investigation into the training history of the client
• A structured phased plan of training devised
• Full access to physiotherapy

This service is a full internal review of a club’s strength and conditioning provision, and a structured plan devised and delivered where required. This will cover off season, pre-season phase and in season components of the sport. A fitness testing routine devised and implemented commensurate with the sport, these tests will be carried out within the Performance Centre.

A fitness testing plan devised and delivered in Performance Centre’s facility, for any organisation needing their players tested within a professional environment.

The gym’s facilities and coaches made available for visiting teams/clubs to the area. Where an organisation visiting in the area looking for a venue to train or re-gen.

Contact Setanta Fitness today bring out your COMPETITIVE EDGE

Setanta Fitness
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    Setanta Fitness

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