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Why choose Kernans ?
We’ll find the best priced policy on the market to suit your needs. We can cover all your insurance needs, making it easy for you having a single contact giving peace of mind.
Our personal service will explain clearly and in detail about your cover, we can arrange everything over the phone or arrange a personal visit and we will keep form filling to a minimum.
Each year we will review your business; look at your policies; take into account any change of circumstances and match you requirements accordingly. 

Life Insurance;

No matter what your circumstance if you are looking to provide a financial safety net for your loved ones, moving house or a first time buyer looking to arrange your mortgage life insurance - or simply wanting to add some cover to what you've already got - you'll want to make sure you choose the right type of cover and get a great deal too, with a product that is tailored specifically for your needs and circumstance.

Life Insurance from our office is a quick and easy way to arrange cover that pays out a lump sum to your loved ones; and gives a peace of mind .As coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is never an easy thing to do and adding financial burden to the grief can make coping increasingly difficult. It can help to support your family after you die, or even a business partner.

Among the reasons and a guide to why we should have life insuranc could include:

• Mortgage repayments – do you wish to arrange for your mortgage to be paid off?

• Replacing the primary earner’s salary – ensuring the family does not fall on hard times after your death.

• Replacing childcare – the death of the primary childcare provider could lead to the need for childcare expenses.

• Education expenses – cover for school/university fees after the death of the primary earner.

Whether it’s about leaving your debts behind or ensuring your family can maintain the standard of living to which they were accustomed, it’s clear there are plenty of reasons to look for the best life insurance policy for your personal circumstances. Getting the best quote is an important part of finding the right policy.

What type of cover is right for me?
Let us guide you to the right decision !

Critical Illness;

You may think of your house or car as your biggest asset - and insure them accordingly. But actually, you could be worth far more than all your possessions put together. It's a fact: based on the national average salary for 2010, most people will earn a million pounds or more in the course of their working life; when something happens to an individual (a critical illness, for example), the best way to protect your loved ones is by making your own financial protection arrangements in good time. We here at Kernans as your financial adviser will be happy to help you set up your own cover' to help provide you and your family with financial protection.

Thanks to advances in medical care, we're living longer and our chances of surviving a critical illness like cancer are now higher than ever before. However, many survivors still need extra care and support for the rest of their lives - and that costs money. Let us guide you to the best way to provide financial protection to help cover those extra costs.

Taking a few days off with the flu is one thing; going without income for months after a critical illness is quite another. When you're recuperating, the last thing you need is financial pressure. With the right financial protection, you'll have the breathing space you need to help make a full recovery before you go back to work.

Many depend on the support of their spouse or partner to keep the household running smoothly? If anything were to happen to your partner, the last thing either of you need is additional expenses – for childcare, cleaning, gardening and so on – that create further financial worries. We can help put the right financial plans in place to help cover those extra expenses.

Home Insurance
Your home is your sanctuary and no one wants to think about it getting damaged. But in the event that the unthinkable did happen,we can give you peace of mind and your decision to take out a good home insurance policy. So why not use our professional knowledge to find cheap home insurance quotes today? At Kernans we search a large number of home insurance providers and show you a list of offers just for you. The price you see is guaranteed and in many cases cheaper than going direct yourself.

Income ProtectionInsurance (also known as Permanent Health Insurance) is designed to pay you a regular tax free monthly income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. The claim will be paid either until you are well enough to go back to work, or until your selected retirement age.

Who is income protection for ?

Those who have family responsibilities, home owners looking to protect mortgage payments, or self employed people whose income is entirely dependant upon their business.

Any family with regular monthly outgoings such as credit card payments, rent, rates loans and normal utility bills.

 Our standard landlord insurance includes:

Normal home insurance isn't designed for rental properties. Which means YOU could end up spending money putting things right if something goes wrong.

To ensure you are fully protected, it is recommended that you purchase landlord insurance, which provides the right protection and additional cover you need as standard.

A range of protection including buildings cover as well as public and property owners' liability up to £2m

Public liability - Protection in the event your tenant claims against you for an injury and you are found to be legally liable and will cover costs associated with legal action

Contents only cover for landlords with leasehold properties, such as flats, where the buildings insurance may already be arranged by a freehold management company

Alternative accommodation costs following an insured event, for example a flood or fire.

Glass and locks replacement

Accidental damage to your property

We can also arrange Landlords' contents insurance, including those contained within communal areas
Loss of rent following an insured event

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