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Equestrian Laundry

Wug Wash Equine Laundry Service, located in Bellshill, is a family run business with over 5 years experience, specialising in horse rugs.

Our services include:

  • cleaning
  • proofing
  • repairing

As well as providing an excellent cleaning service, we also offer a free collection and return service within Greater Glasgow and Lanarkshire ..... and beyond by prior agreement.

Please do not hesitate to call us for all your equine laundry needs. We wash and repair anything your horse wears that is NOT made of leather.

We are more than happy to accommodate any special requirements that you may have – just ask. We use NIKWAX cleaning and proofing products on all turnout rugs, for top quality results. 

Not sure if your rug is worth repairing? Please ask for a free, no-obligation quote. 

Wug Wash offers competitive pricing for its customers, so why look anywhere else when the experts are on your doorstep?

Wug Wash Equine Laundry Service
  • Services Include:

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    Wug Wash Equine Laundry Service

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    • Whereabouts for the next few days : Friday morning - Muirhead, Airdrie, Carluke and Lesmahagow. Sunday morning - Loch Lomond area Tuesday - Linlithgow/Falkirk area Wednesday all day - Oban Give me a call or text on 07918 028961 if you are in these areas & want anything collected. I do look at Facebook, but only once a day, so phone contact will always get a quicker response. Facebook.com1st Feb, 2018

    • Look who came to work today! This is Lisa's new baby, Polly. And she may be the quietest (& cheapest) employee ever. Great company for two biscuits and a cuddle. She can come back anytime :) Facebook.com31st Jan, 2018

    • And what a difference a week makes. Hope you have less snow than I do outside Fintry. No riding in this school! Stay warm and safe, wherever you are. Facebook.com19th Jan, 2018

    • Some days just don't feel like work! This was Connell on Thursday :) Facebook.com13th Jan, 2018

    • I think I messaged everyone, but just in case...... Tomorrow (Thurs 11th) is the first Oban run of the year. If I missed you out (sorry!) and you want stuff collected, please PHONE OR TEXT. I'll be driving, so not checking Facebook Facebook.com10th Jan, 2018

    • Happy New Year to all the lovely Wugwash customers :) To celebrate with our 4-legged friends, we are doing a "Winter Wooly Wash" offer for the month of January. For all rugs collected from 3rd to 31st January, there will be 12% off washing and reproofing costs. If there are 10 or more rugs from the same person, then the offer will go up to 15% off the normal washing & reproofing prices! No problems whatsoever if you want to get together with your friends & put in a batch of rugs for the higher level of discount - just come to an agreement whose name the rugs are coming n under, as that person will get the whole bill. Repairs will be at normal prices. I'll be back at work on Wednesday 3rd January, so give me a call or text on 07918 028961 if you want me to add you to the collection runs. Facebook.com1st Jan, 2018

    • Hubby's car appropriated by me, so I'm now easing back into doing repairs. Until I can drive the van again, Mr Speirs is back on board doing collections and deliveries (thanks Jim!)/so business is almost back to normal. Jim will be travelling around Lenzie and Lesmahagow on Saturday, so please get in touch if you are in these areas & want anything picked up. Text messages are always likely to get the quickest response, so drop me a line on 07918 028961. Facebook.com30th Nov, 2017

    • Week one of recuperation over & I am feeling VERY rough! Just a reminder that I can't drive the Wugwash van for the next six weeks, so there won't be any collections or deliveries until Jim Speirs returns from holiday in December. Until then, Lisa will be washing rugs collected before I went and I will be doing repairs once I am well enough to steal Hubby's automatic car. Hopefully, that will be in early December too. Until then, I'll be responding to emails and texts. Please leave a voice message if you phone, as painkillers are making me very sleepy, so calls might not be answered. Thanks for all the messages of support & looking forwards to getting back to work soon :) Lynda xx Facebook.com18th Nov, 2017

    • Yippee, hip op all done & was apparently problem free. I've had my first cup of coffee since 6am & am now waiting for dinner, sensation to return to my feet after the spinal block & for the physiotherapist to visit. Onwards and upwards! Just a wee reminder that my part time deliver man (Jim Speirs :D) is on holiday, so there won't be any collections or deliveries until he temporarily rejoins Wugwash in December. Facebook.com10th Nov, 2017

    • At last! My postponed hip replacement operation will, at last, take place on Friday 10th November. Woohoo, no more morphine tablets :) I'll be working on repairs right up to the 8th and delivering everything that I can on Thursday 9th November. I will then be confined to home for a few weeks. Lisa will keep on washing rugs while I am off, but there won't be any collections or deliveries until the first week in December, when Jim Speirs will return for a short while. I will be back doing repairs throughout December & we'll be back to business as usual for the New Year. Facebook.com2nd Nov, 2017

    • Facebook.com18th Oct, 2017

    • Winter work intake means I'm not getting the chance to look at Facebook terribly often, so please phone or text me on 07918 028961 for a quicker response, And please leave a message on voicemail - I don't always hear the phone, but I will get back to you as soon as I can :) Facebook.com18th Oct, 2017

    • Just to advise that we will no longer be accepting Boett or similar lycra body suit rugs for repair. The "double fold" seams on this type of rug makes them extremely time consuming to access the area that needs repair. We can't do the work at a price that would be acceptable to customers & still pay for the time taken, so it's simpler just to say "no." If you explain how the rugs fit a horse, dressmakers may be able to do repairs & we will, of course, continue to accept rugs for washing prior to repair by someone else. Facebook.com18th Oct, 2017

    • Given the very odd "wet but warm" weather we are having, I thought this might be of interest: https://www.equus.co.uk/blogs/community/temperature-guide-to-rugging-a-horse?_ke=b3JtaXN0b25oaWdobGFuZHNAeWFob28uY28udWs%3D Turnaround time for rugs is still 3-4 weeks, so please don't leave it till the last minute before you send in your winter rugs! There are only so many hours in the week & Lisa & I still have lives outwith Wugwash. Or should that be "we are trying to have lives outwith Wugwash?" 😂 Facebook.com18th Oct, 2017

    • Just in case I missed anyone out on the mass text this afternoon...... This week will be the first try at Paul Woodhouse collecting rugs needing attention in the Oban area, delivering them to me & taking back all the clean rugs for delivery. So far, Paul is collecting rugs from both Lettershuna and Achnalarig on Sunday. If you want things picked up from any other location, could you please let me know before 6pm tomorrow (Saturday 14th October)? I probably won't get the chance to look at Facebook till Saturday night, so please phone or text me on 07918 028961. 6pm deadline is so that I can phone Paul at a civilised hour. Thanks Lynda Facebook.com13th Oct, 2017

    • Lots of people have been asking, so here is the current price list. Cooler/Light Fleece Wash £8 Heavy Fleece Wash £10 Stable Rug Wash £11 Turnout Rug Wash £12 For Full neck / Combo add £1 to prices above For Detachable Hood add £2 to prices above Turnout Rug Reproof £6 Numnah from £2.50 To avoid shrinkage and damage to rugs, recommended washing temperatures are adhered to and everything is air dried, per manufacturer’s instructions. We use only NIKWAX washing and proofing products on turnout rugs, for top quality results. Please note that although every care will be taken, all items are washed at owner’s own risk. We also offer a repair service. All repairs are individually priced, depending on the degree of damage, materials used & time taken for repair. Customers will be advised before washing if repairs are deemed irreparable or uneconomical. Please note that we will not repair Boett or similar lycra "body suit" rugs. Without exception, items will not be taken for repair unless they have been washed first. In addition to actual repair costs, a £2 handling charge will be applied to items which are not washed by Wugwash. All items should be packed in a plastic bag, containing details of: Name, address, contact telephone number and details of washing/reproofing/repair requirements for each item. Prices include free pick-up and return within the Greater Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Stirlingshire areas. If outwith these areas, please call for a quotation. Facebook.com21st Sep, 2017

    • Phooey! My hip replacement has been postponed, probably to the end of October :( Who'd have thought getting a tooth crowned could've posed such a huge risk of a new hip becoming infected? Still, at least I can keep on doing collections, repairs & deliveries while I wait. Keeping busy keeps my mind off my next dose of mega painkillers :D I look forward to continuing my exploration of the wilds of Lanarkshire & meeting more of you soon. Facebook.com16th Sep, 2017

    • Some good news to share... Helped immensely by tons of hard work from Lisa Hardie, we have now got through the backlog & are starting to return rugs to people :) Second bit of news is that Paul Woodhouse has agreed to pick up on future collections & deliveries in the Oban area. I'm delighted at this, as I wanted to keep on providing a service for the Oban area, but need more time for repair work. Paul is equally delighted, as he'll get a day out in Stirling every now & again. Plan is that I will phone Paul when rugs are ready for delivery, then text customers & post a message on this page, saying "Who wants stuff collected on (Date)?" And the last bit of good news is that I will be having my second hip replacement done on the 15th September! I'm looking forward to life without mega painkillers & also pleased to say that Jim Speirs has agreed to come back as a delivery man throughout October, while I'm not allowed to drive! Comments like "Did you miss us?", "How's retiral" & "Is that all the work done on the farm" will, I'm sure, be received with Jim's usual good humour :D Facebook.com4th Sep, 2017

    • I'm returning rugs to Oban tomorrow, Monday 4th September. Sorry for late notice, but if you want anything picked up, please text me on 07918 028962, with your name & postcode. Thanks Facebook.com3rd Sep, 2017

    • After a harrowing few weeks, I'm sad to say my mother in law passed away last night. Any work by me in the remainder of this week is very much dependent on how much the family needs me; though Lisa will still be working away at washing & drying rugs. It's improbable that I will be spending time on Facebook, or answering calls or texts until the funeral is past, but please leave a message anyway. I promise will get back to you as some degree of normality returns to my life. Facebook.com29th Aug, 2017

    • Paige Graham - your message won't let me respond, so please text a contact number to 07918 028961. Facebook.com15th Aug, 2017

    • This is a sad post to make, but I need to explain why I am a bit hard to reach right now. My much loved Mother-In-Law is in the final stages of a terminal illness & I have been spending a lot of time at the hospital & with the family. Lisa is doing a smashing job getting through the backlog of work & I am doing deliveries whenever time permits; but for the time being, you might end up speaking to my voicemail. I promise I will get back to you, but would ask for your understanding & tolerance at this very difficult time. Facebook.com11th Aug, 2017

    • Just a wee update.. Since becoming an employer two weeks ago, we are really making inroads into the backlog of work & starting to get rugs back to people. This week, I'll be in the Carluke area on Tuesday afternoon, Paisley direction on Tuesday night, Newton Mearns area on Thursday night & Dollar on Saturday morning. I don't often check Facebook during the day, so if you want rugs collected from any of these areas; please drop me a text message on 07918 028961. If I don't answer your text, please phone me - my Android phone seems to dislike talking to iPhones! :D Facebook.com31st Jul, 2017

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