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About Us

Expert LGV and PSV Driver Training in Portadown.

We are the Leading independent HGV and LGV driver trainers in Portadown and across Northern Ireland.

We take the hassle out of becoming a HGV driver in Portadown. We'll organise everything for you every step of the way and give you your best chance of passing first time.

Our LGV training is comprehensive and thorough. From Car & Trailer up, we organise all training modules in a structured manner so that you move up the ladder in a systematic way. With us you will avail of the best training resources.

There are two categories of HGV licence. Category 'C' relates to rigid vehicles and are also known as class 2. Category C & E covers Articulated Lorries also known as class 1.

We provide a wide range of training courses in Portadown, including:

  • PCV (PSV) Minibus Training
  • Driving licence Category D1 Training
  • Coach Training
  • B&E Training - car and trailer
  • CPC Taxi Training
  • CPC Transport Training
  • ADR Hazardous Chemicals
  • Fire Safety Training
  • COSHH Health & Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • CPC Training - initial and periodic CPC
  • ADR Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Plant Machinery Training

All our trainers in Portadown are expert teachers and have had many years of experience on the road. We fully understand the demands made on Professional Drivers and we prepare all our trainees not just to pass their test but to become the best drivers they can be.

If you are unsure which licence you need or what's involved, please use the contact form below.

Ken Irwin LGV & PCV Driver Training
  • services include:
    • COSHH Health & Safety Training:

      We provide COSHH Health & Safety training courses.

    • First Aid Courses:

      We provide professional first aid courses.

    • Manual Handling Courses:

      We offer expert manual handling courses.

    • ADR Training:

      We offer expert ADR training courses for individuals that want to be able to provide the carriage of dangerous goods by road.

    • Plant Machinery Training:

      We provide expert plant machinery training services, including digger training, forklift training, etc.

    • Fire Safety Training:

      We provide expert fire safety training for all types of businesses.

    Driver Training in Portadown:

    We provide professional driver training for all types of vehicles, including PCV (PSV) Minibus Training, Category D1 Training, Coach Training, CPC Taxi Training, CPC Transport Training, etc.

    B&E Training in Portadown:

    We provide expert B&E training, specifically for towing large trailers.

    CPC Training in Portadown:

    We provide comprehensive initial and periodic CPC training.

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    Ken Irwin LGV & PCV Driver Training

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