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Mr Fry's Fish and Chips

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Hungerford's Favourite Fish and Chip Shop

Mr Fry's has been based in Hungerford for over 40 years, serving traditional fish and chips to the residents of Hungerford.

Based in the High Street, customers can order their food to eat in, or takeaway and serve a wide range of dishes including

  • Traditional Fish and Chips (including Cod, Plaice, Haddock, Scampi and Fishcakes)
  • Southern Fried Chicken
  • Pies
  • Sausages
  • Burgers

We pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients, and are proud to share with you we use Caro Fry oil. This makes the food we serve lower in calories than other popular takeaways.

As part of the community, we run daily specials as well as offering OAP discounts for our older customers as well as providing catering for business functions and social events.

Pop in to see us today, and don't forget your Yellowtom voucher to take advantage of this fantastic local offer!

44 High Street
RG17 0NE

Tel: 01488 683237


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Message Mr Fry's Fish and Chips

Tel: 01488 683237

Mr Fry's Fish and Chips

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