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Prius Healthcare is a worldwide leader in the provision of alternating mattress systems, cushions, and bed frames and has recently opened a new branch in Barnsley near Sheffield South Yorkshire to provide a dedicated service to NHS hospitals, private hospitals, and nursing and care homes throughout the United Kingdom. With a wealth of experience in advising NHS clinicians and care professionals our highly experienced team can assist you with the right choice of equipment to provide your patients with pressure relieving aids which reduce the problems created by long periods of inactivity.

Prius Healthcare are leaders in the design of systems to assist patients at risk of developing DVT. Both the Vena Press intermittent pneumatic compression device and the Vena Press sequential compression system provide mechanical DVT prophylaxis for surgical and medical patients. Both use easy to apply garments for foot, calf, or thigh compression and a visual timed therapy indicator for accurate monitoring.

Prius Healthcare also offers a range of alternating mattress systems to assist in the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers all of which use the latest low noise compressors and accurate pressure control mechanisms. The Effect 800+ and Effect 500+ ranges include full digital control of pressure cycles and pressure settings for ease of use by both the health professional and by the patient. All systems are equipped with a low pressure alarm and a quick release control for use in CPR situations.
To compliment the Effect range of mattress replacement systems Prius Healthcare also offer ergonomic specialist beds designed for the UK which include full electric positional controls for use by carer and patient and removable head and foot boards to allow easy access to the patient.

Prius Healthcare has been operating in the field of alternating mattress systems and bed frames for over 25 years and although you may not know the name you have almost certainly used our products before.

Prius Healthcare UK Ltd
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    Prius Healthcare UK Ltd

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