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Member of the Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists

||Advanced Hearing Systems|| is a multi-disciplined company dealing with several aspects of hearing related products. The proprietor, Dennis Coath M.S.H.A.A (Member of the Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists) is a Hearing Aid Dispenser registered with the Hearing Aid Council for 20 years. Any make of hearing aid from ?behind the car ear aids? to the smallest ?in the canal? aid can be supplied. Any make of aid from top brands like the latest digital Widex ?Diva? or Starkey down to not so well known lower priced models can be supplied. Any aid can be had on a free trial with no payment until satisfied. Prices are a lot lower than the national companies. Hearing test are carried out in your own home so there is no need to travel. Ear protection for use in noisy factories or for gun shooters and motorcyclist. Hearing Aid Loop systems fitted in the home, churches or commercial properties. Hearing screening tests for factory employees.

Advanced Hearing
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    Advanced Hearing

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