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Motorcycle Clothing and Accessories in Rotherham

Suzuki Bandit & Streetfighter Parts

CJ Accessories are the specialists in Rotherham for parts and accessories for motorcycles of all types but particularly for Streetfighter bikes especially the Suzuki Bandit. With over 25 years experience in motorbikes and operating as a business for three years we will understand exactly what you require to personalise your motorbike.
We stock a wide range of accessories including:

  • Anodised handlebars in a variety of colours for street bikes, and braced bars for off road bikes. Grips, brake and clutch levers.
  • Suspension lowering kits for Kawasaki motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycles, and Suzuki motorcycles.
  • Suspension jack up kits for Suzuki motorcycles, Kawasaki motorcycles, and Yamaha motorcycles.
  • Motorcycle servicing parts including bike brake pads, fork seals, wheel bearings, spark plugs, oil and fuel filters for Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki.
  • Four stroke oil, two stroke oil, gearbox oil, fork oil, brake and clutch fluid, and chain lube.
  • Headlights, rear lights, indicators, reflectors, and number plate lights.
  • A wide range of performance parts and styling parts for the Suzuki Bandit and other Streetfighter motorbikes.
  • Padded tank pads, yoke protectors, and fuel cap covers.

    This represents only a small part of the motorcycle accessories stocked by CJ accessories and for full details you should visit our website where you can order directly. Collection is possible though you should contact us first to arrange an appointment. Even there although the list of motorbike parts available is large we know that there will be other items which you need. In this case phone or e-mail us with your specific requirements and we will order the parts especially for you.
8 The Store Room
Fitzwilliam Road
S65 1SL

Tel: 01709 368810

Fax: 05603150504


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Message CJ Accessories

Tel: 01709 368810

CJ Accessories

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